Virus-Free PC Environment comes from GeekBuddy + Internet Security Suite

Never Pay for Antivirus Again

GeekBuddy will remove your antiquated antivirus software for you, so you never have to pay for anti-malware again. After installing Comodo's FREE antivirus, your PC will be protected forever, no matter how long you use the GeekBuddy service.


Live Expert Support

Your GeekBuddy will not only clean your PC of viruses and malware, he/she will also make sure your Comodo antivirus software is properly configured to make sure you stay protected.


Best-in-Class Protection

Comodo is the industry's most powerful anti-malware technology, combining default-deny and sandboxing technologies to make sure your PC is safe and secure.


Proactive Protection

Your GeekBuddy will install Comodo's award-winning antivirus and internet security software on your PC, to make sure you are totally protected. Even if you don't upgrade after the trial or don't renew your GeekBuddy service, you keep the CIS software free of charge no strings attached!

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Edmund Spring
tech support

An excellent job in resolving my issues.

Pat Hruby
help with pop-ups and virus

Gavin & Derrick were very helpful and king

Jane Millager
Review of services

I have gotten good service and all my questions answered plus have gotten actions done by your Techs. Thank you!!

Thank you for your help

Ive been with Comodo for a few years and have been so blessed to meet such nice and helpful techs. I'm a senior citizen and not really savvy with computers but each time I've had a problem, the geek with whom I dealt with was polite and patient and best of all, took care of the situation. I can't thank you enough because I feel safe & secure as far a my computer is concerned. I always fill out a survey and have had no complaints at all. Thank you all & keep up the good work. Have a great week-end.

Josh Mendez
Take good care of my PC

they helped me clean my pc and never give me any problems. the geekbuddy's help me with everything all year

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